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People of the Bible

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You can read about me in the book of Genesis.

My father's name was Terah.  Genesis 11:31.

I had brothers named Nahor and Haran.  Genesis 11:27.

My wife and I moved with my father from Ur of the Chaldeans to Haran.  Genesis 11:31.

My wife's name was Sarai.  Genesis 11:29.

God told me to leave my country, my people, and my father's household to go to a land God would show me.  I left for the land God would show me when I was 75 years old.  Genesis 12:1-4.

God promised to bless me and make me into a great nation.  Genesis 12:2.

I had a nephew named Lot.  Genesis 12:5.

I told Pharaoh that Sarai, my wife, was my sister.  Genesis 12:18-19.

I became very wealthy in livestock, silver, and gold.  Genesis 13:2.

When I came to the land of Canaan, God told me He would give to me and my children all the land that I could see.  Genesis 13:12-15.

God told me to call my wife Sarah instead of Sarai.  Genesis 17:15.

I asked God not to destroy Sodom if ten righteous people could be found there.  Genesis 18:32.

I had a son named Isaac, who was born when I was 100 years old and Sarah was 91 years old.  Genesis 17:17-19, 21:1-6.

I told Abimelech that Sarah, my wife, was my sister.  Genesis 20:2.

God told me to sacrifice my son Isaac as a burnt offering.  When God saw that I was going to do as He asked, God stopped me and gave me a ram to sacrifice instead of Isaac.  Genesis 22:1-14.

I sent my chief servant to my country and my relatives to find a wife for my son Isaac.  Genesis 24:1-4.

I died when I was 175 years old.  Genesis 25:7.