Beginning and Ending Activities

Teachers need to plan beginning and ending activities for Sunday School classes in a Christian Preschool or Children's Ministry.  A few children may arrive about fifteen minutes before class is scheduled to begin.  Some students may be as much as fifteen minutes late.  Some parents pick their children up early, some pick them up late.  As a result, you may have time at the beginning and ending of class to fill with activities that will challenge the children and still allow you the freedom to greet or say good-bye to the children and visit with their parents.

You might consider the following Strategy when planning the beginning and ending of your class.

You need to be free to greet each child so plan activities which require minimal supervision.

Use this time to get to know each child.

Set up several stations with different activities.

Don't expect a child that arrives fifteen minutes early to be content with one activity until the last child arrives.

Recruit another adult or high school student to visit with the children at the stations.

Set up a snack area for elementary school students.

One co-teacher can greet or say good-bye to the children while the other teacher continues to work with the children in the room.

You can set up the following Beginning Stations at the beginning of class.

Preschool Activities.

Home Living:  dishes, dolls, play food, broom, mop.

Building:  large legos, wooden blocks.


Cars:  Matchbox cars and "Car Road Mat."

Mail Box Station:

Decorate a box to look like a mail box.

Set out old junk mail, stationary, etc.

Self Portrait:  Trace the child's outline on butcher paper.  The child can use colors or markers to color their portrait.

Play Dough:  Click here for a recipe to make your own Play Dough.

Flubber:  Click here for a recipe to make your own Flubber.

Preschool and Children's Ministry Activities.

Art:  draw or color a picture that reinforces the story.

Use blank paper and let the children make their own creations.

Use hand held chalk boards or dry erase boards.

Use Coloring Pages.

Use markers, crayons, glitter crayons, water colors, colored pencils, milky pens, etc.  Change each week for interest.

Use a matching game.

Reading Corner:  Books, blanket on the floor, pillows.

Rubber stamps and ink pads.

Story mural on wall:  draw pictures that reinforce the story.

Tape butcher paper on wall.

Children use markers, colors, magazine pictures, stickers, etc. to create a picture that tells a story.

Musical Instruments:

Make your own drums, tamborines, bells, etc.

Use children's musical instruments that your church may have.

Games:  checkers, mancala and other board games played during biblical times.

Brain teasers:  Let the children complete a Word Search, Word Scramble, Coded Message, or Match the Facts.

You can use the following Ending Stations at the end of class.

Set up the same stations you had in the beginning.

If you have a co-teacher who can say good-bye to each child as the parent arrives, you might try one of the following:

Bingo Game.

Name That Animal.

What's Missing:

Place a number of objects on a tray.  For example, a comb, spoon, whistle, etc.  The number of objects will depend on the age of the children.

The children view the tray.

Cover the tray with a towel.  Take away the towel and one object hidden under the towel.

The children guess what is missing.


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