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Bible Story Activities

Bible Story Activities includes activities you can use to teach Bible stories and Bible Truths to children in Christian Preschool or Children's Ministry Sunday School classes.  The ideas presented in this section can be adapted to quite a few different stories throughout the Bible.  Go to Bible Truths to find ideas for a specific story.

Timeline of the Bible A Timeline is an easy way to visualize the timing and order of the stories and major events in the Bible.  You can also use a Timeline to emphasize that the events recorded in the Bible are true and really happened.
Bible Drills Use a Bible Drill to reinforce a topic from a story.
Creation Clothes Pins Use this matching game to remind the preschoolers of all that God created.
Creation Crayons Preschoolers will love coloring with these Creation Crayons that you can make.
Coloring Book Write a story and use the black and white Coloring Pages to illustrate the book.
Wall Mural

Tape butcher paper on wall.  Children use markers, colors, magazine pictures, stickers, etc. to create a picture that tells a story or illustrates a Bible Truth.  The Good Samaritan

Role Play Jesus Called the Apostles, Sermon on the Level Place, The Good Samaritan, Jesus Taught About Prayer, Recreate the Last Supper
Ask the Whiz Kid - Part I The children learn about sin, forgiveness, and demonstrating faith by responding to real life situations.
What is Sin and Forgiveness? What is sin and how does it affect a person's relationship with God?  What is forgiveness?
Thought Question What is more important - to have your sins forgiven or to have your body healed?
Ask the Whiz Kid - Part II The children think about who Jesus is by responding to real life situations.
Building Blocks 101 Use this demonstration to help the children understand the strength of a church or a life which has Jesus Christ as its foundation.
Signs of Success Children rank the success of six adults to learn that the value of a person should be based on an eternal life with God and not material assets.
Get Well Card Let the children choose markers, colors, pens, construction paper, etc. to use in designing a Get Well Card for a friend.
Doctor Station Set up a doctor station and let the younger students play with Ace bandages, play stethoscopes, crutches, or whatever you have.
The Healing Power of Jesus Discuss childhood ailments and their cures to teach about faith, trust, and Jesus' power over sickness.
Nature Bracelet

Place 2" masking tape on the child's wrist, sticky side out.  Take a nature walk and let the children create their nature bracelets by sticking grass, pebbles, leaves, flowers, etc. to the bracelet.

Nature Rubbings

Collect leaves, large blades of grass, flat rocks, small sticks, etc.  Select a leaf, blade of grass or whatever and lay it flat on the table.  Cover it with white paper and rub the top of the paper with crayons.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Divide the children into several groups.  Give each group a sack and a list of nature items to collect.  The list could include a rock, green leaf, brown leaf, flower, etc.

Measure and Weigh the Class. Record the height and weight of each child on a Giraffe Measuring Chart.
Litter Patrol Take the kids outside and pick up litter on the church grounds.
A Call From Jesus See if the children can identify whose behavior indicates they have responded to the call from Jesus.
Gone Fishin' Make a fishing pole and let the children catch paper fish.
Treasure Hunters Use this activity to help the children understand what a Tax Collector did and why Tax Collectors were disliked.
Time for Prayer Encourage the children to follow the example of Jesus and pray before making big decisions or doing something important.  Let each child tell about the activities planned for the coming week.
What Do I Do? These situations help the children understand what Jesus meant when He said to love your enemies.
Picking the Right Teacher Learn the importance of following the right people.
What is God Like? Use this activity to help the children understand the qualities of God.
Put on the Armor of God Younger students can learn the nature of Jesus and why He can be trusted.
Put God's Armor to Work The children can actively demonstrate why a person can trust Jesus when facing a difficult situation.
Put Your Fears in a Box Trusting in Jesus can help when you are afraid.
Read the story from a scroll Use butcher paper and dowels to make a scroll.  Use the Bible to copy the story on the scroll.  Let the children take turns reading the story from the scroll.
Make a scroll Each student can make a scroll using straws and letter size paper.  The children can write the Memory Verse or Bible Truth on the scroll. 
Don't Judge a Snack by its Cover Choices should not be based solely on appearances.
The Suffering and Humiliation of Jesus Use visual aids to teach that Jesus suffered real pain and humiliation.
Who is Responsible for the Death of Jesus? Discover that all sinners are responsible for the death of Jesus.
Sin and its Consequences Jesus died to give us eternal life because even the smallest sins make us unacceptable to God.
Punishment Sharing Agreement Children can agree to bear each other's punishment for a week at a time.
The Resurrection Egg Hunt Use this activity to reinforce the fact that Jesus rose from the dead.
Go To Work For God Children learn the different kinds of things they can do to help God bring people into His kingdom.
Top 5 Countdown in Prayer Use this game to help the children understand there are no limits to prayer.  A person can pray whenever, wherever, and for whatever there is a reason to pray.
Who Is My Neighbor? Use this activity to help the children understand that they should love others regardless of where they live, what they do, the language they speak, etc.
Search for the Lost Use these activities to help the children understand the joy God has when a person separated from God returns to His family.
The Friend Use this activity to help the children understand what they should do when a person turns from God.  The children can also think about how God acts towards a sinner who asks for forgiveness and wants to return to God.
The World vs. the Kingdom of God Use this activity to help the children understand how the requirements for entry into God's kingdom differ from the standards sometimes imposed by the world.
Prophecy fulfilled Use this activity to help the children understand that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets.
Smell the Nard. Bring a sample of nard (also called spikenard or Nardostachys jatamansi) and let the children smell the perfume Mary used to anoint Jesus. 
Temptation What is temptation and how can it be resisted?
The Definition of Sin Identify which sins make a person unacceptable to God.
The Impact of Sin Learn that sin affects more than just the sinner.
What If Nobody's Watching Use this activity to help the children understand that God always knows what is on our minds and in our hearts.
Practice Makes Perfect Use this activity to help the children understand that the more a person lives a sinful life, the easier it is to sin, and the more a person tries to please God, the easier it gets to please God.
Career Day. Cain was a farmer.  Abel was a shepherd.  Teach the children about other jobs mentioned in the Bible by having a career day.
Draw the Ark. Ask the children to read Genesis 6:14-16 and use markers, colors and their imagination to draw the ark Noah built.
Weights in Biblical Times Use a US Jefferson 5?coin, a US Kennedy 50? coin, a US Sacagawea golden dollar, a container of coffee and a child to teach the children about the units of weight used during biblical times such as the shekel or the talent.
A Child's Weight in Talents Do the children in your class know how many talents they weigh?  Use a scale and this conversion chart to discover their weight in talents, minas, shekels, pims, bekas, and gerahs.
Bible Story Activities - Weights Activities to help children visualize weights mentioned in the Bible.  Includes the weight of Rebekah's ring and bracelets, David's crown, Goliath's armor and spear, the gold and silver David set aside for the building of the temple and others.
The Loner The children experience what it is like to be the only person resisting temptation.
Ask the Whiz Kid - Part III The children learn about favoritism and jealousy by responding to real life situations.
The Servant List Help the children understand that God can use any person to do His work, regardless of that person's situation.
Ways to Serve Help the children think about different ways they can serve God.
These Greek words are taken from James 1:22 and mean "doers of the word".  Teach the children to say these words and encourage them to use the words as a special greeting for anyone they meet.  Since no one will understand what they are saying, the children will then have to explain that the words mean a person must do what the Bible says. 
Don't Play Favorites This activity will help the children learn through experience that playing favorites is not the thing God wants us to do.
Signs of the Promises God placed a rainbow in the sky as a reminder of the covenant He made with Noah.  Ask the children to make up signs which can remind them of some of God's other promises.
The Promise Maker A person's promises reflect his or her character.  Help the children learn about God and His character by studying some of the promises He has made to us.
Review Questions Use these questions in a game to review the stories you have studied.


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