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Bible Truths - Adam and Eve Sinned

The following is a listing of the Bible Truths for Genesis 3, the story of the sin of Adam and Eve.

  1. Adam and Eve sinned when they disobeyed God's command.  Genesis 3:1-6.
  2. When Adam and Eve sinned, they separated mankind from the good life God had given to mankind.  Genesis 3:10, 23.
  3. When Adam and Eve sinned, they damaged mankind's relationship with God.  Genesis 3:8.
  4. When Adam and Eve sinned, they brought physical suffering on mankind.  Genesis 3:16-19.
  5. God punished the sinners, Adam and Eve, and cursed the serpent who led Adam and Eve to sin.  Genesis 3:14-19.
  6. The effects of this single sin were felt not only by the sinners, but also all of mankind who followed.  Genesis 3:15-19.

The following is a listing of activities that can be used to teach the Bible Truths.

Bible Story Activities.
Temptation is something that appears desirable which makes a person want to do it, think it, say it, or get it.
Eve was tempted in a friendly conversation with a serpent and by the desirability of the fruit of the forbidden tree.
Let the children experience temptation during snack time.
For the younger children, pass around a bowl containing pieces of fruit and one candy bar.  Tell the children they can only take a piece of fruit.  Do not take the candy bar.
For the older children, put a plate of crackers and a bowl of candy on the snack table.  Tell the children they can only eat the crackers.  They cannot take any candy.
Ask the children to identify the temptation in the following situations and what can be done to resist the temptation.
Tim got home from baseball practice just before supper and found a freshly baked batch of cookies on the counter.  His mom said he could not eat any cookies until after supper.
Margie was playing at the park with her friends.  Her friends wanted to walk to the mall a half mile away.  Margie knew her father would not let her go without an adult.
Billy, Johnny, and Bobby were playing soccer in the neighborhood.  Johnny accidentally kicked the ball through a neighbor's front window.  Johnny and Bobby want to run before anyone sees them.
The Definition of Sin.
Sin is disobedience to God in what we do, think, or say.  Sin displeases God and makes a person unacceptable to God (Isaiah 59:2).
Ask the children to identify which of the following is a sin.  Which of the following would make a person unacceptable to God?
A bank robber steals $5 million from the bank.
Joey steals a piece of bubble gum from the store.
A high school boy uses God's name in vain all the time.
A third grade boy used God's name in vain one time.
A first grade boy got mud on the kitchen floor and said his brother did it.
Tommy lied when his mom asked how many cookies he ate.
Billy watches so much TV that he does not have any time to go to church, read his Bible, or pray to God.
All the girls in the Popular Girls Club will not play with Cindy because Cindy wears old clothes to school.
Explain that all sins, regardless of how big or small, make a person unacceptable to God (Isaiah 59:2).

Remind the children that God is free from anything wicked or evil.

God is holy.  Leviticus 11:44-45.  God is absolutely pure and good.

God is righteous.  Psalm 19:7-9; Jeremiah 9:24.  God's actions and law are always perfect just like His nature or character.

God is just.  Jeremiah 9:24; Job 34:12.  God fairly rewards or punishes a person's actions.

God rejects sin.  Isaiah 59:2.  Sin makes a person unacceptable to God.  God does not allow any sin into heaven.  Revelation 21:27.

Remind the children that God loves us.  1 John 4:16.

God's gifts are based on grace.  Ephesians 2:7-9.  God meets the needs of His people based on His goodness, not based on what they deserve.

God is patient.  Exodus 34:6.  God will not abandon a person who makes a mistake and will forgive a person who asks for forgiveness and repents.

The Impact of Sin.
Ask the children to answer these questions as you read the situations which follow.
What sins were committed and who committed them?
How were all the characters in the story affected by the sins?
An alternative to reading the stories is to have the children act out the situations.
Situation 1.  Cindy, Julie, and Tammy were riding their bicycles one afternoon.  Cindy's and Julie's parents let them ride to the corner store and get a coke whenever they want.  Tammy's parents never let her ride to the store without an adult.  Cindy and Julie convince Tammy to ride to the store.  When they go in the store, they meet Tammy's dad buying milk.
Cindy and Julie led Tammy to disobey.  Tammy disobeyed.  The trust between Tammy and her parents has been damaged.
Situation 2.  Tommy has a younger brother named Sam and a younger sister named Katy.  The family rule says that no one eats in the TV room.  Tommy always eats in the TV room when his parents are not around.  One day Sam and Katy decided to eat a snack in the TV room since Tommy always did it.  Sam spilled his juice and stained the carpet.
Tommy's example led Sam and Katy to disobey.  Sam and Katy disobeyed.  The parents had to pay to repair the carpet.  Trust in the family was damaged.

Brain Teasers

Coded Message:  Adam and Eve's sin separated them from the good life God had given them.
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