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Bible Truths - Joseph's Success in Egypt

The following is a listing of Bible Truths for Genesis 39-41:49, the story of Joseph's Success In Egypt.

  1. Joseph became successful in Egypt because God was with Joseph.  Genesis 39:2; 41:39-40.
  2. God blessed the Egyptian named Potiphar because of Joseph.  Genesis 39:5.
  3. Joseph did the right thing but was still unfairly put in prison.  But God was with Joseph in prison and extended kindness to him.  Genesis 39:7-12, 20-21.
  4. Joseph served God even though he was a slave in prison.  Genesis 39:20; 40:8; 41:25-32.
  5. Joseph gave God the credit for his ability to interpret dreams.  Genesis 40:8; 41:16, 25, 28, 32.
  6. God demonstrated His power when He made Joseph (a slave) successful in Egypt, when He gave Joseph (a slave in prison) the ability to interpret dreams, and when He brought abundance and then famine to the land of Egypt.  Genesis 39:2; 40:8; 41:16, 29-32, 39-40.
  7. Pharaoh glorified God when he appointed Joseph as overseer of Egypt.  Genesis 41:39-40.
  8. The Egyptians saved during a time of abundance so they would be prepared for a time of famine.  Genesis 41:35-36.

The following is a listing of activities that can be used to teach the Bible Truths.

Bible Story Activities.
The Servant List.  Help the children understand that God can use any person to do His work, regardless of that person's situation.
Before reading the story about Joseph's success in Egypt (Genesis 39-41:49), write the following list of people on the board.
Third grade straight A student.
President of the United States.
Homeless person.
Dumbest kid in school.
Professional basketball player.
Movie star.
Richest Person in the world.
Sunday School Teacher.
Divide the children into groups and ask them to list the people in the order they think God would choose them to do His work, with one being the first one chosen.  Write their opinions on the board.
Then read the story about Joseph's success in Egypt.  After reading the story, ask the children if they want to change the order of the list.
Explain that anyone can serve God.  It does not matter if that person is rich or poor, or smart or dumb.  We know that God has the power to give anyone the skills they need to do His work.  We know this because we read that God used Joseph, a slave in prison, to tell Pharaoh what God would do in Egypt.
Ways to Serve.  Help the children think about different ways they can serve God.
Gather a number of different items you can use to help the children think about ways they can serve God.  Show the children one item at a time and ask them if the item reminds them of a way they can serve God.  Examples include.
Telephone - Call a friend who was absent from school to see if they were o.k.
Music CD - Listen to music that would not be displeasing to God.
Pillow - Invite a friend to spend the night on Saturday and go to Sunday School and Church the next morning.
Basketball - Be a good sport and an encouragement to everyone while playing a game.
Get well card - Send a get well card to a grandparent, friend or other relative.
Movie video - Watch movies that would not be displeasing to God.
Plate - Set the table for dinner or help with other chores around the house.
Candy Bar - Share with others.
Trash Can - Don't be wasteful.  Pick up litter.
Book - Study and learn.
Banana - Eat healthy and take care of yourself.

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