Bible Truths - Cain and Abel

The following is a listing of Bible Truths for Genesis 4:1-15, the story of Cain and Abel.

  1. Abel offered the best of his flock to God.  Genesis 4:4.
  2. Abel demonstrated his righteousness through the offering he made to God.  God confirmed Abel's righteousness when He accepted Abel's offering.  Genesis 4:4; Hebrews 11:4.
  3. God confirmed His displeasure with Cain when He did not look with favor on Cain's offering.  Genesis 4:5.
  4. Sin can take control of a person who does not resist sin by living a life pleasing to God.  Genesis 4:7.
  5. Sin grew from disobedience in Genesis 3 to murder in Genesis 4.  Genesis 4:8.
  6. God knows everything.  Genesis 4:9-10.
  7. God punished Cain for murdering Abel.  Cain would be separated from God and would not be able to earn a living as a farmer.  Genesis 4:11-14.
  8. God appointed a sign for Cain to protect Cain from murderers.  Genesis 4:15.

The following is a listing of activities that can be used to teach the Bible Truths.

Bible Story Activities.
What If Nobody's Watching.  Use this activity to help the children understand that God always knows what is on our minds and in our hearts.
Ask the children what they would choose to do in the following situations.
You are asked to fold your clean clothes and put the clothes in the drawer.  If nobody's watching, would you fold the clothes before putting them in the drawer or just stuff the pile of clothes into the drawer?
You are watching TV and a show you are not allowed to watch begins.  If nobody's watching, do you watch the show or turn the channel?
You are listening to the radio and a song with bad language is played.  If nobody's watching, do you turn to another station or listen to the song?
You are playing with your friends and they want to play a mean joke on a neighbor.  If nobody's watching, do you do what your friends want to do or talk them out of playing the mean joke?
You are asked to read from a library book fifteen minutes before going to bed.  If nobody's watching, do you read from the book or watch TV?
Explain that God is always watching.  We should remember that God knows what we are thinking and what we want to do.  That is why we should always try to please God in all that we think and do, even if nobody's watching.
Practice Makes Perfect.  Use this activity to help the children understand that the more a person lives a sinful life, the easier it is to sin, and the more a person tries to please God, the easier it gets to please God.
Plan an activity that is new to the children such as pitching washers into a cup, throwing paper wads into a trash can, making a paper airplane designed to break distance flying records, etc.
Let each child take a turn at the activity and record the results.  For example, give the child ten washers and see how many the child can pitch into a cup.
Let the children practice five minutes.
Let each child take another turn at the activity and record the results.
Let the children practice five minutes.
Let each child take another turn at the activity and record the results.
Compare the results of the first turn to the results of the last turn.  The results of the last turn will probably be better than the results of the first turn.
Explain that a person gets better at doing whatever a person practices.  So if a person sins, sinning will get easier for that person.  If a person lives a life pleasing to God, it will get easier for that person to please God.

Life in Biblical Times.

Career Day.  Cain was a farmer.  Abel was a shepherd.  Teach the children about other jobs mentioned in the Bible by having a career day.
Write on a sheet of paper the occupation and a brief description of that occupation.
Give each child a different occupation and ask them to describe their job.
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