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Bible Truths - Jesus Healed an Official's Son

The following is a listing of Bible Truths for John 4:43-54, the story of Jesus healing an Official's Son.

  1. Jesus can be trusted.  John 4:50-53.
  2. Jesus wants people to have faith in Him by believing, without requiring proof, who He is and what He can do.  John 4:48.
  3. Jesus showed His authority as God by healing the official's son.  John 4:50.
  4. Jesus has power over sickness and death.  John 4:50.

The following is a listing of activities that can be used to teach the Bible Truths.

Bible Story Activities.
For younger students, set up a doctor station.  Let them play with Ace bandages, play stethoscopes, crutches or whatever you have.
The Healing Power of Jesus.  Discuss childhood ailments and their cures to teach about faith, trust, and Jesus' power over sickness.
List typical childhood ailments on the board.  Examples include ear infection, sore tonsils, flu, measles, chicken pox, cuts, broken leg or arm, etc.
Add columns for medicine, doctor visit, and sick time.  If any of the children have experienced any of the ailments, ask if they took medicine or went to the doctor, and how long it took to get well.  Write the answers in the table.
Ask if the children did what their parents or the doctor said to do and why they did it?  Explain that doing what their parents or the doctor said to do was an act of faith and showed they trusted their parents and the doctor.
Ask them to listen to a story about a sick boy and try to find differences between the story and their experiences.
Differences to point out.
Jesus healed the boy immediately.  John 4:53.
Jesus did not use medicine to cure the boy.  He only spoke.  John 4:50.
Jesus never saw the boy.  Jesus was in Cana and the boy was in Capernaum.  John 4:46
The official in the story had faith and trust in Jesus just like the children had faith in their parents and the doctor.  
Children can believe that Jesus can help them even though they cannot see him just like He cured the official's son without seeing him.  That is what faith is.
Use Bible Drills to reinforce a topic from the story.
If the class is younger, ask the class to find a single verse.  You can read it aloud after everyone finds the verse.
If the class is older, give each student a different verse to find.  Let each student read their verse aloud.
Suggested topics include Faith, Trust, The Healings of Jesus.

Memory Verse Handouts

Hebrews 11:1.

Life In Biblical Times.

Jesus showed His authority as God by performing a number of different miracles.  Use a wall map to discover where Jesus performed these miracles.


Play Heir to a Christian Fortune.  Suggestions for phrases to use include.
Faith is believing that Jesus, the son of God, can give eternal life.
Jesus has power over sickness and death.
Trust is believing that someone is honest, reliable, fair.
By faith, Noah built the ark.
By faith, Israel brought down the walls of Jericho.
Use these questions about faith to play Who Wants to Be a Christian Heir?
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