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Bible Truths - Joseph Sold Into Slavery

The following is a listing of Bible Truths for Genesis 37:1-36, the story of Joseph being sold into Slavery..

  1. Israel loved Joseph more than he loved his other sons.  The favoritism that Israel showed toward Joseph damaged the relationship between Joseph and his brothers.  Genesis 37:4.
  2. Joseph damaged his relationship with his brothers when he told them about his dreams.  Genesis 37:5-11.
  3. Joseph's brothers were jealous of Joseph.  This jealousy damaged the relationship between Joseph and his brothers.  Genesis 37:11.
  4. Reuben and Judah protected Joseph from death.  Genesis 37:21-22, 26-27.
  5. Joseph's brothers treated him unfairly.  Genesis 37:23-28.
  6. Joseph's brothers deceived Israel.  Genesis 37:31-33.

The following is a listing of activities that can be used to teach the story and the Bible Truths.

Bible Story Activities.
Ask the Whiz Kid - Part III.  Use this activity to help the children think about the topics of Favoritism and Jealousy.
Print the "Dear Whiz Kid" letters.
Ask for a volunteer to read the letter to the class and then ask the students how they would respond to the letters.  Discuss the responses.
The "Dear Whiz Kid" letters include letters from:
"My Stuff is Good Too" - Wants to know what to do about a friend who says his stuff is junky.
"The Beader" - Why can't she leave someone out?
"It's Not Fair" - Why should she let other girls join the Best Friends Club?
"The Bike Boy" - Larry started being mean to Benny after Benny got a new bike.  What is wrong with Larry?
"Disney Fever" - Debbie gets mad and goes home whenever I talk about my family's plans for our trip to Disneyworld.  What is her problem?
"Not the Teacher's Pet." - What can we do to teach the teacher's pet a good lesson?

Brain Teasers

Word Search:  Joseph's Life.

Life in Biblical Times.

Map Activity. - Ask the children to trace on a map the trip Joseph made from the Valley of Hebron to Shechem to Dothan to Egypt.
What is a shekel?  Teach the children about the weights in Biblical Times.

Clip Art & Coloring Pages.

Coloring Page.  Joseph and His Coat.
Clip Art.  Joseph and His Coat.
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