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Brain Teasers

Use a Coded Message, Match the Facts, a Word Search, or a Word Scramble to teach the Bible Stories or Truths to the children in your Christian Preschool or Children's Ministry Sunday School class.

Coded Message.  Crack the code to discover the Memory Verse or Bible Truth.

Match the Facts.  Find the facts that go together to learn the details of the story.

Word Search.  Find key words that appear in the Holy Bible, New International Version.

Word Scramble.  Make a discovery by unscrambling the letters.

Coded Message Match the Facts Word Search Word Scramble
Gen. 1:1
God created everything from nothing.
Adam and Eve's sin separated them from the good life God had given them.
Jesus gives an eternal life with God.
A Jew lives by the laws of the covenant made by God with the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai.
Jesus showed compassion and His authority as God when he fed 5000 men.
Many eyewitnesses saw Jesus after He was raised from the dead.
God rejoices when a person stops doing wrong and returns to God.
Genesis 1
The Apostles
The Death of Jesus
Genesis 1
Adam and Eve Sinned
Joseph's Life
The Exodus
Ten Commandments
Israel's Twelve Tribes
Conquest of the Promised Land
Names and Titles of Jesus
Things to Tell About Jesus
Luke 10:27 for beginners
Luke 10:27 for the experienced
Genesis 1


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