Jesus Blessed the Little Children

The following is a list of Bible Truths in Mark 10:13-16, the story of Jesus blessing the little children.

  1. No person should be stopped from coming to Jesus.  Mark 10:14
  2. The only ones who can enter the kingdom of God are the ones who receive the kingdom of God as a child would receive it, totally dependent on God.  Mark 10:15.
  3. Jesus blessed the children.  Mark 10:16.

The following activities can be used to teach the Bible Story and truths.

Bible Story Activities.
The World vs. the Kingdom of God.  Use this activity to help the children understand how the requirements for entry into God's kingdom differ from the standards sometimes imposed by the world.
Write "The World" on one side of the chalk board and write the "Kingdom of God" on the other side of the board.
Read the list of requirements that follows and ask the class to decide if it is a requirement for entry into God's kingdom or a standard sometimes imposed by the world.  Write the responses on the board.
Popularity Independence Job Wealth Power
Going to Church The number of good things you do Being baptized Accepting Jesus as Savior The people you know
The size of house you live in The number of cars you own Dependence Trust Faith
The grades you make in school The kind of clothes you wear Athletic skills Looks Your height and weight
The only requirement for entry into God's kingdom is "Accepting Jesus as Savior."  To accept Jesus as Savior also means that a person is "dependent" on Jesus, "trusts" in Jesus, and has "faith" in Jesus.
No person should be stopped from coming to Jesus.
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