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Jesus Taught About Prayer

The following is a list of Bible Truths in Luke 11:1-13, the story of Jesus teaching about prayer.

  1. Jesus prayed.  Luke 11:1.
  2. Jesus taught the disciples to pray to God:
    As a Father.  Luke 11:2.
    With a desire to see God honored in the world.  Luke 11:2.
    With a desire that God's kingdom come into the world.  Luke 11:2.
    Recognizing their total dependence on God for provision of their daily needs and for protection from evil.  Luke 11:3-4.
    Asking for God's provision and protection.  Luke 11:3-4.
  3. Jesus taught that believers should pray together for the provision and protection of all believers.  Luke 11:3-4.
  4. A person should be bold and persistent, not fearful or shy, in making requests of God.  Luke 11:8-9.
  5. A person can pray to God at any time and in any situation.  Luke 11:5-9.
  6. Jesus taught the disciples to ask for God's blessing and He promised that God would answer.  Luke 11:9-10

The following Background Information is helpful in understanding the story.

Hospitality Customs - In biblical times, a host was obligated to feed a visitor.  It would be shameful not to meet this obligation.  Since it was also common to prepare a fresh supply of bread each day, the host in this story had no bread to offer to a visitor who arrived in the middle of the night.  Thus, the host, to avoid shame, was forced to go to a friend in the middle of the night in search of bread.
Lifestyles - Many families lived in one-room homes.  The entire family slept on a mat on the floor.  The host in search of bread not only woke his friend, but also his friend's children.
Answers to Prayer - God can answer prayer in three ways:  yes, no, and wait.

The following activities can be used to teach the Bible story and truths.

Bible Story Activities.
Role Play - The children can role play the story to learn that the time, or place, or situation should not stop a person from asking for something from God.
Spread a blanket on the floor and explain that many families only had a one room house and everyone slept on a mat on the floor.
Actors needed.  Host and neighbor.  The rest of the class plays the sleeping family.
The neighbor and family lay on the mat, pretending to sleep.
The host goes outside, knocks on the door and says:  "Neighbor, lend me three loaves of bread.  A friend of mine came to visit and I have no food to offer him."
The neighbor, half asleep, says:  "Go away and be quiet.  We are asleep.  I cannot get up and give you bread without waking up my small children."
The host keeps knocking and saying:  "Please neighbor, give me some bread.
Finally, the neighbor gets up and gives him the bread.
Help the children understand that God is not like the neighbor who does not want to be bothered.  God wants us to ask for His help.  God loves us and is always willing to give good things to us.  It does not matter what time it is, where we are at the time, or what we are doing.


Top Five Countdown - Use this game to help the children understand there are no limits to prayer.  A person can pray whenever, wherever, and for whatever there is a reason to pray.
Print the top choices for the following categories:
Names to call God when you pray.
Good things to say about God when you pray.
Times to pray.
Places to pray.
Positions for prayer.
Things to ask for in prayer.
Select a category and cut the paper so each choice will be on a separate piece of paper.  Tape the top choices to the wall, with the writing facing the wall.
Assign points to each of the choices, with the top choice being assigned the most points.  For example, the last choice could be assigned five points while the first choice could be assigned twenty-five points.
Divide the class into two groups.
Ask one of the groups to name a choice they believe would be in the Top Choices.  If the group guesses correctly, turn the paper around to show the choice and the points assigned to that choice.  That group gets the points assigned to that choice and continues to guess until it guesses wrong three times.  Then the other group takes a turn.
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