Jesus Called the Apostles

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The Call of Jesus

Whose behavior indicates they have responded to the call of Jesus?

Jimmy - Jimmy and his family go to church every Sunday.  Jimmy gives a lot of money to the church every year.  He also donates food and clothing to the homeless shelters in town.  Jimmy owns a plumbing business.  The business is very profitable because he overcharges for parts used, charges for work he does not do, and makes repairs that are not necessary.

Betty - Betty is an honest, hard working lady who manages a clothing store.  She is well liked by her employees because she treats them with respect.  She makes a contribution to her church each month.  She also teaches a Sunday School class.  Betty has no bad habits.

Bill - He goes to church with his parents each week.  He always knows the answers to the questions asked by the Sunday School teacher.  Bill is a lonely high school student.  He does not have many friends because he is mean to everyone and uses God's name in vain quite a bit.  He steals cigarettes because he likes to smoke. 

Susie - Susie and Bill have four children.  Bill works as a computer technician and Susie takes care of the household affairs and the four children.  She leads a family Bible study every night.  She also teaches a Sunday School class.