People of the Bible

Copyright 2001


You can read about me in the books of 1 & 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles.
I am a prophet.  1 Kings 18:36.
I told King Ahab it would not rain for the next few years.  1 Kings 17:1.
God sent ravens to bring me bread and meat.  1 Kings 17:6.
I brought a widow's son back to life.  1 Kings 17:21-22.
A widow used her last flour and oil to make bread for me.  1 Kings 17:12-13.
I challenged the prophets of Baal to call on their god to set fire to their offering.  1 Kings 18:22-24.
Jezebel tried to have me killed.  1 Kings 19:1-2.
God sent an angel to give me bread and water.  1 Kings 19:5-6.
God spoke to me in a gentle whisper on Mt. Horeb.  1 Kings 19:12-13.
God took me to heaven in a whirlwind.  2 Kings 2:11.