People of the Bible

Copyright 2001

John the Baptist

You can read about me in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
Herod wanted to kill me.  Matthew 14:5.
My father's name was Zechariah.  Luke 1:13.
My mother's name was Elizabeth.  Luke 1:13.
My father was not able to speak until after I was born because of his disbelief.  Luke 1:20.
The people thought I was a prophet.  Matthew 14:5.
You could find me preaching in the desert of Judea.  Matthew 3:1.
Herod put me in prison.  Matthew 14:3.
When I was in prison, I sent my disciples to ask who Jesus was.  Matthew 11:2-3.
The daughter of Herodias asked for my head on a platter.  Matthew 14:6-11.
My job was to prepare the way for Jesus.  Matthew 3:1-3.
I wore clothes made of camel's hair.  Matthew 3:4.
I ate locusts and wild honey.  Matthew 3:4.
I baptized Jesus in the Jordan River.  Matthew 3:13-16.