Life in Biblical Times

"John the Baptist was a cool guy."  Does that mean he was never hot?  Or that he handled pressure well?  Or that he was a fun guy to be around?  The answer partly depends on who said it, when it was said, why it was said, where it was said, etc.  And it also depends on the culture at the time it was said.  So to understand what the Bible says, we must also understand the culture and customs of the times described in the Bible.  Click on a topic below for information about life in biblical times that you can use when teaching Bible stories and truths to children in your Christian Preschool or Children's Ministry Sunday School class.

Timeline of the Bible A Timeline is an easy way to visualize the timing and order of the stories and major events in the Bible.  You can also use a Timeline to emphasize that the events recorded in the Bible are true and really happened.
Food Discover when, where, how, and what the people of the Bible ate and drank.
Jobs Learn what the people of the Bible did to earn a living.
Games Coming Soon.
Writing Find out what the people of the Bible wrote with and on.
Weights Use activities to help the children visualize what a gerah, a beka, a pim, a shekel, a mina, or a talent weighs.


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