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Where was Jesus?

Mark your location on a wall map of the world with a wet erase marker (if the map is laminated) or a map pin.

Ask each child to mark their favorite place to visit, longest trip taken, etc.

After each child has placed a mark on the world map, ask if anyone can locate the lands described in the Bible.

Use a wet erase marker to draw a square around the lands of the Bible.

Tape up a map of the Bible lands and explain that this map is an enlargement of the square you drew on the world map.  We use a laminated map from Rose Publishing titled "Where Jesus Walked."

Ask the questions below and let the student that answers correctly mark the location on the map.

If the students do not know the answer, do a Bible drill.  Give the students the Bible reference.  First one to find the verse reads the passage and marks the location on the map.

Where was Jesus born?  Luke 2:4-7 Bethlehem
Where did Mary and Joseph present the baby Jesus to the Lord?  Luke 2:22 Jerusalem
Where did Jesus grow up?  Luke 2:39-40 Nazareth
Where did the magi visit Jesus?  Matthew 2:8-11 Bethlehem
Where did the angel tell Joseph to take Jesus when King Herod was trying to find Jesus?  Matthew 2:13 Egypt
Where did Jesus celebrate the Feast of the Passover when he was twelve years old?  Luke 2:41-42 Jerusalem
Where was Jesus baptized?  Mark 1:9 Jordan River
Where did Jesus turn water into wine?  John 2:1 Cana
In what city did Jesus meet a Samaritan woman at a well and tell her He could give her eternal life?  John 4:5-7 Sychar
Where was Jesus when He healed the royal official's son who was sick at Capernaum?  John 4:46-50 Cana
Where was Jesus when He healed the paralyzed man lowered through the roof?  Mark 2:1 Capernaum
Where was Jesus when He walked on the water?  Matt. 14:22-34  Find the name of the city in v. 34; then look on the map to find where Jesus walked on water. Sea of Galilee
Where was Jesus when He healed the demon-possessed daughter of a Canaanite woman?  Matt. 15:21-22 District of Tyre and Sidon
Where was Jesus when He healed a man who could not speak or hear?  Mark 7:31-36 The region of Decapolis
Where was Jesus when He fed the 4,000 people with seven loaves of bread and a few small fish?  Matt. 15:29-38 On a mountain by the Sea of Galilee
Where was Jesus when He raised a widow's son from the dead?  Luke 7:11-15 Nain
Where was Jesus when He healed the blind Bartimaeus?  Mark 10:46-52 Jericho
Where was Jesus when He raised Lazarus from the dead?  John 11:1, 43-44 Bethany
Where was Jesus praying before He was arrested?  Matthew 26:36 Gethsemane
Where did Jesus die on the cross?  John 19:17-18 Golgotha, which means The Place of a Skull
After Jesus rose from the dead, where did He appear to His disciples while they were fishing?  John 21:1 Sea of Tiberias, which is the Sea of Galilee
Where was Jesus when He ascended into heaven?  Luke 24:50 Bethany


  This information is presented to help teachers serving in a Christian Preschool Ministry or a Children's Ministry or a Sunday School class teach children what the Bible says about God and the way He wants us to live.

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