Paul's First Missionary Journey

Mark your location on a wall map of the world with a wet erase marker (if the map is laminated) or a map pin.

Ask each child to mark their favorite place to visit, longest trip taken, etc.

After each child has placed a mark on the world map, ask if anyone can locate the lands described in the Bible.

Use a wet erase marker to draw a square around the lands of the Bible.

Tape up a map of the Bible lands and explain that this map is an enlargement of the square you drew on the world map.  We use a laminated map from Rose Publishing titled "Paul's Journeys."

Ask the questions below and let the student that answers correctly mark the location on the map.

If the students do not know the answer, do a Bible drill.  Give the students the Bible reference.  First one to find the verse reads the passage and marks the location on the map.

Paul traveled about 1400 miles on the first missionary journey.  This is about the same as traveling from Houston, Texas to Washington, D. C.  Please note that the first missionary journey places Paul in two different cities named Antioch.  One is in Syria and the other is in Pisidia.
In what city did Paul begin his first missionary journey?  Acts 13:1. Antioch.
From what city did Paul set sail for the island of Cyprus?  Acts 13:4. Seleucia.
What was the first city Paul stopped at on the island of Cyprus?  Acts 13:5. Salamis.
In what city did Paul find a false prophet named Bar-Jesus?  Acts 13:6. Paphos.
In what city did John leave Paul to return to Jerusalem?  Acts 13:13. Perga.
After leaving Perga, Paul and Barnabas went to another city and preached in the synagogue.  What was the name of this city?  Acts 13:14. Pisidian Antioch.
Where did Paul and Barnabas go after the Jews drove them from Pisidian Antioch?  Acts 13:51. Iconium.
In what city did Paul heal a crippled man?  Acts 14:8. Lystra.
After being stoned in Lystra, where did Paul go?  Acts 14:20. Derbe.
Name the first three cities Paul visited when he began the return trip.  Acts 14:21. Lystra, Iconium, Pisidian Antioch.
What two regions did Paul and Barnabas pass through on their way to Perga?  Acts 14:24-25. Pisidia and Pamphylia.
What city did Paul and Barnabas stop at after passing through Pisidia nad Pamphylia?  Acts 14:24-25. Perga.
From what city did Paul set sail for Antioch?  Acts 14:26. Attalia.
What was the final destination of the first missionary journey?  Acts. 14:26. Antioch.


  This information is presented to help teachers serving in a Christian Preschool Ministry or a Children's Ministry or a Sunday School class teach children what the Bible says about God and the way He wants us to live.

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