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Brain Teasers      Match The Facts - The Death of Jesus

Copyright � 2001

The Death of Jesus - Answer Sheet

Write the number of the fact on the left by its match on the right.

1.  I put Jesus' body in my tomb.  Matthew 27:59-60. 3 Simon
2.  I had Jesus flogged.  Mark 15:15. 7 When Jesus died
3.  I carried the cross for Jesus.  Matthew 27:32. 10 Barabbas
4.  I put a crown of thorns on Jesus' head.  Matthew 27:27-29. 13 Centurion
5.  I was crucified next to Jesus.  Matthew 27:38. 2 Pilate
6.  Darkness came over all the land at this time.  Matthew 27:45. 8 Golgotha
7.  There was an earthquake at this time.  Matthew 27:50-51 12 Judas
8.  Place Jesus died.  John 19:17-18 1 Joseph
9.  The high priest who charged Jesus with blasphemy.  Matt. 26:57-65. 11 A garden
10.  Pilate released me instead of Jesus.  Mark 15:15. 14 The crowd
11.  Place Jesus was buried.  John 19:41-42 5 Robber
12.  The Apostle who betrayed Jesus.  John 18:2 9 Caiaphas
13.  Said "Surely this man was the son of God".  Mark 15:39 15 Peter
14.  Shouted "Crucify him".  Mark 15:14-15 6 Sixth hour
15.  Denied Jesus three times.  Mark 14:72 4 Soldier