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People of the Bible

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You can read about me in the book of Genesis.

My father was 182 years old when I was born.  Genesis 5:28-29.

My father's name was Lamech.  Genesis 5:28-29.

I became the father of three sons after I was 500 years old.  Genesis 5:32.

I died when I was 950 years old.  Genesis 9:29.

I lived at a time when people had evil thoughts all the time.  Genesis 6:5.

I found favor in the eyes of the Lord.  Genesis 6:8.

God told me each man was responsible for the life of his fellow man.  Genesis 9:5-6.

God told me he was going to destroy all the people on the earth because they were corrupt and full of violence.  Genesis 6:12-13.

I had three sons named Shem, Ham, and Japeth.  Genesis 5:32

God did not destroy me or my family because he found that I was good.  Genesis 7:1.

God gave me green plants and meat for food.  Genesis 9:3.

When I was 600 years old, it rained forty days and forty nights without stopping.  Genesis 7:11-12.

A lot of animals lived with me on a boat that I built.  Genesis 6:14-21.

A flood killed every living thing on earth except my family and the animals that lived on the boat with me.  Genesis 7:23.

After the flood, I made an offering to God.  Genesis 8:20

God promised me, my family, and every living creature on earth that He would never again destroy the earth by flood.  Genesis 9:9-12.

God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of the promise He made with every living creature on earth.  Genesis 9:16