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Life in Biblical Times

Copyright � 2001

Ancient Writing Techniques

Use an ancient writing technique to write a Memory Verse, a Bible Truth, or draw a picture reinforcing a story.

What they wrote with:

Metal chisel or stylus.  Exodus 34:4, Job 19:24.

Used to carve in stone, inscribe metal, or write on wax or clay tablets.

Bone stylus.

Used to write on wax or clay tablets.

Pen.  Isaiah 8:1.

A sharpened reed and ink was used to write on papyrus or parchment paper.


Brushes and ink were used to paint on stone or parchment.

Ink.  Jeremiah 36:18.

A mixture of soot or black carbon, gum or oil, and water.

What they wrote on:

Stone.  Exodus 34:4.  Click here for instructions and an example.

Clay tablet.  Ezekiel 4:1.  Use self-hardening modeling clay.  Flatten to about 1/4" to 3/8" thick.  Use a sharpened 1/4" dowel as a stylus to write in the clay.

Wax tablets.

Copper scrolls have been discovered in the Dead Sea caves at Qumran.

Papyrus paper.  Click here for instructions and an example.

The branches of the papyrus plant are split into thin strips, woven together, pounded, and dried.

Sheets of papyrus paper were sewn together to make scrolls.  The scroll King Jehoiakim burned was probably made from papyrus.  Jeremiah 36:20-26.

Parchment paper.  2 Timothy 4:13.

Parchment is a specially prepared, untanned skin of a sheep, calf, or goat.

Parchment sheets were bound into a book called a codex.